American Graffiti Tattoos is widely known for giving clients, repeat customers, their friends, and families, a fair and honest price for our services. Our staff provides a wide range of services, including small, medium and full body suits, color bombs, black and grey, portraits, cover-ups, repairs and piercings.

Below are a List of Our Services
Howell Small Body Suits
Howell Medium Body Suits
Howell Full Body Suits
Howell Color Bombs
Howell Black and Grey
Howell Tattoo Portraits,
Howell Tattoo Cover-ups
Howell Tattoo Repairs
Howell Piercings
Howell Navel Piercings
Howell Ear Piercings
Howell Tongue Piercing

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Zip Code Served: 48843, 48844 48855